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Diversified and concentrated functions of the volute sludge dewatering machine

Sep 13, 2018

The volute sludge dewatering machine is mainly stacked by the fixed ring and the swimming ring during operation, and the screw shaft of the device penetrates through the effective forming filter device, the front part is the concentrating part, the rear part is the dehydrating part, the fixing ring and The filter slit formed between the swimming rings and the pitch of the screw shaft gradually become smaller from the concentrating portion to the dehydrating portion.

The rotation of the screw shaft of the volute sludge dewatering machine promotes the movement of the sludge from the concentrating part to the dewatering part, and continuously drives the swimming ring to clean the filter joint during operation, so that clogging can be prevented, and the product specifications are various. The series is complete, for different processing scales, you can choose the most suitable model to avoid overkill.

The structure of the snail sludge dewatering machine is compact, integrated with concentrated dewatering, and it will have auxiliary devices such as electric control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank. It is compatible with the supporting equipment and easy to design. The small design makes it easy to adapt to local conditions and reduces the floor space and construction cost of the dehydrator itself.

The volute sludge dewatering machine has a sludge concentration function, so it does not require a concentration and storage unit when operating, reducing the overall land occupation and construction cost of the sewage treatment facility. The main body of the dehydrator has a self-cleaning function, so it is not necessary to wash a large amount of water to prevent sludge clogging.