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Do the following, the centrifuge will not break for decades!

Mar 17, 2020

The centrifuge operates at high speed during operation. Pay attention to safety when using it. Do the following, and the centrifuge will not break for decades!
1. When the centrifuge is in the pre-cooled state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After centrifugation, the centrifuge cover is taken out and placed on the test bench, and the remaining water in the cavity is dried.
2. Turn on the machine once a week and put it back at a low speed to ensure that the centrifuge is normal.
3. Regularly place the level on the centrifuge shaft or centrifuge body to see if it is level. If it is not level, it is necessary to adjust.
4. After each use of the centrifuge, it is necessary to remove it immediately.
5. Regularly change oil to vacuum pump and dispersion pump to make the vacuum system operate normally.
6. Each time the centrifuge is used, it is necessary to make specific records and make calculations once a year. For the ultracentrifuge, the whole machine and the used return have a certain life. The whole machine is guaranteed to use 16 billion revolutions. The aluminum return can be used 1000 times and 2500h. The return turn can be used 5,000 times and 10,000h. If the life is reached, it is necessary to downgrade. Or slow down.
7. The main accessories of the centrifuge are the turn-back and centrifuge tubes, etc., which should be strictly connected to the instructions when they are used. Usually they should be cleaned, disinfected and maintained. It cannot be used.
8. Different manufacturers can't mix back, they should be used together, otherwise the life of the back will be reduced, and even the centrifuge will be damaged.
9. As long as the centrifuge is carefully maintained, the operating conditions are investigated, the sound is heard, early diagnosis, and immediate processing are performed, the centrifuge can be brought into full play.