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Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Separation Requirements and Settlement Process

Aug 14, 2017

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge in the use of the process is a new type of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, in operation, its working principle is the effective use of its solid and liquid specific gravity difference, in use to rely on its centrifugal force field to its Expand thousands of times, solid phase in the role of centrifugal force will be settled.

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Drilling mud decanter centrifuge to a certain extent, can effectively achieve its solid-liquid separation, the equipment can be under the action of special institutions were discharged from the body, the main use of its centrifugal sedimentation method to separate the suspension components of the centrifugal separator.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge in the drum of the suspension in the centrifugal force will effectively form its annular liquid layer, where the solid particles settling to the drum wall, it will directly form its sediment, clarification Of the liquid through the drum overflow or suction tube discharge, said separation.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge at the end of the separation of its artificial or mechanical method to discharge the sediment, the solid particles in the process of settling the drum wall, in use with its liquid flow as axial Movement, the amount of feed is too large, with the liquid flow to the overflow port, and has not yet settled to the drum wall of fine particles with the separation of the drum, the separation of liquid turbidity.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge for its solid-liquid phase density difference is small, its solid particles or liquid viscosity is difficult to separate the suspension with the choice of high separation factor centrifuge, so that can be a certain degree of effective extension Its suspension in the drum to stay in the time, so as to ensure that the separation of clarification.

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