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Drilling mud decanter centrifuge design essentials

Jun 19, 2018

If mud drilling decanter centrifuges are to be domestically produced, they must continuously improve the production technology. At the same time, they must continue to show the design ideas of drilling mud decanter centrifuges so that they can adapt to various production requirements and play a role. Its value.


One of the design points of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge is high wear resistance. According to different conditions, the key parts of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge can be used carbide alloy and drum anti-wear technology design, such as tungsten carbide nickel base alloy powder Spray welding; tungsten carbide electrode welding; carbide inserts, alloy tiles, inserts or ceramic inserts, etc.


For drilling mud decanter centrifuges, the anti-wear properties of ceramic inserts are basically the same as carbide inserts; practical applications show that the use of thrust metal carbide inserts in drilling mud decanter centrifuges can make the spiral The life of the conveyor is increased by more than five times.


The second major design point of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the large differential speed. The key to the centrifuge is the large amount of processing and high wear resistance. Therefore, its structural feature is that the ratio of length to diameter is small; the differential speed of the differential torque is small; The operating characteristics are low speed and large differential speed.


The mud dewatering method is used for the treatment of mud water by the drilling mud decanter centrifuge. It has the characteristics of automatic continuous closed operation, no need to add flocculant, and strong on-site adaptability. The treatment effect obtained is also unmatched by ordinary equipment.