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Drilling mud decanter centrifuges application effect

Mar 22, 2018

In practical applications, as a special equipment for solid-liquid separation based on the characteristics of petroleum drilling fluids, drilling mud centrifuges can complete the processes of feeding, centrifugal sedimentation, and unloading at full speed. Drilling mud centrifuges are mainly used to recover barite, remove fine solids, reduce the solids content of the drilling fluid, and control the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid.


It can be seen that, in fact, the operation and quality of drilling mud centrifuges will directly affect the performance of drilling fluids, and at the same time have an important role in achieving rapid drilling. The centrifuge is reasonable in structure, advanced in technology and fine in manufacturing, and has great applicability to mud separation and good separation effect. And after being used in market practice, it has achieved very good results.


In comparison, drilling mud decanter centrifuges have the following advantages: large processing capacity, stable and reliable performance, good separation performance, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, convenient installation, small footprint, low maintenance cost, etc. Sealed continuous automatic separation can be achieved. Mainly can be summarized as: high efficiency, large displacement, energy saving, balance, high temperature and wear resistance.


From the structural analysis, the drilling mud decanter centrifuges was first used in the design and production of a lot of new technologies, which makes the drum space has been effectively applied. At the same time, the processing capacity is greatly increased, and the proper cone angle is adopted to make the sludge dry and have a large amount of mud. Secondly, the device also has good energy-saving effect, saves water, rinses with a small amount of clean water at the time of shutdown, and does not require flushing at the time of starting. No cooling water is required. The


The energy-saving benefit is also quite obvious. During the operation of the drilling mud decanter centrifuges, under the same technical conditions, its energy-saving rate reaches 15%-20%. Moreover, in the production of drilling mud centrifuges, it has undergone rigorous balance tests and is made of high quality materials to make it more durable.