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drilling mud decanter centrifuges is not easy to block and use characteristics

Mar 25, 2019

drilling mud decanter centrifuges is mainly used for the operation of oil drilling fluid. The designed solid-liquid separation equipment can complete the processes of feeding, centrifugal sedimentation and unloading at full speed, mainly for recycling. Barite, which removes fine solids, reduces the solids content of the drilling fluid, controls the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid, ensures the performance of the drilling fluid and plays an important role in rapid drilling.

The drilling mud centrifuge mainly uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation during operation, so that the drilling suspension can be effectively separated, and the suspension is transferred from the feeding pipe through the liquid outlet hole of the screw feeder into the rotating drum under the action of centrifugal force. The solid phase particles are pushed toward the inner wall of the drum, pushed through the blades on the auger to the small end of the drum, and the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the big end of the drum. This cycle continues to achieve continuous separation. The mud centrifuge belongs to the category of horizontal spiral centrifuges, and is called the horizontal spiral sedimentation type mud centrifuge.


Drilling mud centrifuge is not easy to block

The drilling mud centrifuge has a self-cleaning function. There is no need to clean the filter to prevent clogging, reduce the amount of water used for flushing, and reduce the burden of internal circulation. Good at dehydration of oily sludge.