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Drilling mud decanter centrifuges role and selection basis

Jan 20, 2018

Drilling mud decanter centrifuges in the practical application of the other aspects of the role, namely, centrifugal filtration and centrifugal sedimentation, the former is to make the suspension centrifugal force generated in the centrifugal field pressure, acting on the filter medium, the mud through the filter medium to become filtrate, While the solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter medium to achieve liquid-solid separation. The latter uses the principle that the components with different mud densities rapidly settle in the centrifugal field to achieve liquid-solid separation.


In the selection of drilling mud centrifuge slurry separation, it must be based on the size and concentration of solid particles in it, the density difference between solid and liquid, liquid viscosity, filter residue (characteristics, and separation requirements and so on a comprehensive analysis, so that equipment Satisfaction of the filter residue moisture content and filtrate clarity requirements.


Then according to the throughput and automation requirements of the operation, the type and specification of drilling mud centrifuge are determined, and finally verified by actual test. In general, a filtration drilling mud centrifuge may be used for suspensions containing particles with a particle size greater than 0.01 mm. Sedimentation drilling mud centrifuges are preferred for small or compressible particles in the suspension. For suspensions containing low solids , Small particles and liquid clarity requirements should be high separator.


From the current trend, the future development trend of drilling mud decanter centrifuges will be to strengthen the separation performance, develop large-scale centrifugal separator, improve the slag-removing mechanism, increase special-purpose and combined drum centrifuge, strengthen separation theory research and research centrifugal separation Process optimization control technology.


The enhanced separation performance mentioned here for drilling mud centrifuges includes increasing drum speed, adding new propulsion during centrifugation, speeding up the run-off, increasing the length of the drum to allow for longer centrifugation settling, and more .