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Effect of horizontal spiral centrifuge on coking wastewater treatment

Jun 27, 2020

In actual production, in order to further meet the requirements of the water quality after coking wastewater treatment after expansion, in the reconstruction project, a horizontal spiral centrifuge was specially configured. Then, after the horizontal spiral centrifuge is put into use, can it effectively solve the problem of difficulty in sludge removal? After treatment, have these coking wastewater indicators improved? Let's understand the specific content together.

In fact, horizontal spiral centrifugal unit is mainly composed of horizontal spiral centrifuge, automatic flocculant preparation and dosing device, feed pump, dosing pump, screw sludge conveyor, flow meter, solenoid valve and automatic control system, etc. . During the operation of this equipment, when the sludge enters the drum chamber of the centrifuge, the high-speed rotating drum generates a strong centrifugal force. Due to the high density and high centrifugal force of the sludge particles, the sludge is slapped on the inner wall of the drum To form a solid ring layer.

Everyone should know that because the density of the liquid is relatively small, the centrifugal force received is also very small, so the liquid ring layer can only be formed inside the fixed ring layer. Because the rotating speed of the screw and the rotating drum of the horizontal spiral centrifuge are different, there is a certain difference in the rotating speed of the two, so the screw pushes the sludge deposited on the inner wall of the rotating drum to the outlet of the small end of the rotating drum, and the separated liquid is separated from the rotating The other end of the drum is ejected. The role of the differential is to form a certain speed difference between the drum and the screw.

At the same time, in order to improve the processing effect of the horizontal spiral centrifuge, a certain amount of flocculant needs to be added to it, which can aggregate the dispersed sludge particles, thereby generating larger flocs to accelerate the separation of mud and water.

From the practical application effect, after using horizontal spiral centrifuge for sludge dewatering, the water content of the sludge after dewatering can be reduced to about 70%, the sludge can be effectively recovered, and the production cost can be significantly reduced.