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Filter media and separation factor for food industry centrifuges

Mar 15, 2018

The food industry centrifuge itself will have a cylinder that rotates at high speed around its own axis. It will be effectively called the drum. When it is running, it is usually driven by an electric motor. After the suspension is added to the drum, it will be quickly Drive and rotate the drum at the same speed.

Centrifuges in the food industry are effectively separated by centrifugal force and discharged separately. In general, the higher the rotation speed of the drum, the better the separation effect. The centrifugal separator's principle of action is centrifugal filtration and centrifugal sedimentation.

Centrifugal filtration of food industry centrifuges is mainly to a certain extent centrifugal pressure that causes the suspension to produce under the centrifugal field. The function of the equipment is in the filtering medium, which will make the liquid pass through its filter medium. filtrate.

The solid particles of the food industry centrifuge will be trapped in the filter medium to a certain extent, so that it will effectively achieve its liquid-solid separation to some extent. Centrifugal sedimentation is the use of different density of the suspension (or emulsion) The principle of rapid sedimentation and delamination of components in a centrifugal force field enables liquid-solid (or liquid-liquid) separation.

An important indicator of the separation performance of a centrifuge in the food industry is its separation factor. To a certain extent, it can be a good indication of the centrifugal force and the ratio of gravity of the separated material in the drum. The larger the separation factor, the more often the separation is. Rapidly, the better the separation effect.