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Fish oil decanter centrifuge role and principle of separation

Jan 25, 2018

Fishmeal is mainly used for feed ingredients, feed the content of oil has strict requirements, the high content of fish oil in fish oil will not only affect the fat content, but also may affect the feed freshness, thus affecting the quality and price of feed . Fish oil decanter centrifuge can achieve the complete separation of fish oil, thereby improving feed quality.


The fish oil decanter centrifuge is a kind of solid-liquid separator which is composed of drum, auger, differential, clutch, lubrication system and elastic foundation and other components. It only needs to pass the solution to be treated through the centrifuge Feeding tube into the screw feeder hopper high-speed rotation on it.


Due to the different mass, the centrifugal force will be different. The heavier solid particles form the outer layer on the drum wall, and the lighter liquid phase forms the circulation layer on the drum. When the liquid layer reaches a certain thickness, the separation liquid It is discharged from the drum large end overflow hole to separate the slag liquid.


The principle of different settling velocity in centrifugal field is obtained by using light, heavy and solid phases with different densities and incompatible with each other in the mixed solution to achieve the purpose of separating and layering or settling solid particles in the liquid. The fish water continuously enters the drum of the fish oil decanter centrifuge, and the fish dregs continuously discharges through the spiral ejector. The fish oil is discharged from the shell serum outlet through the clear liquid runner and the wastewater is discharged through the pump.


The whole process consumes very short time, which fully reflects the efficiency of the fish oil decanter centrifuge; at the same time the separation effect is very thorough and helps to further improve the quality of the product, indicating that fish oil decanter centrifuge is ideal for fish oil separation and purification equipment.