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Food Industry Centrifuge Control

Apr 17, 2018

The food industry centrifuge is, of course, a separation device designed specifically for food spraying. Because it is a device with large starting inertia, frequent acceleration and deceleration, and periodic operation, its application and control are directly related to the output of the final product. quality.


In practical applications, the process flow of food industry centrifuges can generally be divided into feeding, separation, discharging, washing and other major steps, but according to the characteristics of the production process and materials, it is required to change the centrifuge at any time. Material, separation, washing and other steps, times, and other various time parameters.


In order to better achieve this goal, the food industry centrifuge electrical control system should have the control of the machine program actions, including boot, shutdown, alarm stop, fault diagnosis, etc.; man-machine dialogue function, can set and display process parameters and according to the process The requirements in the man-machine interface to modify the parameters; the system PLC, man-machine interface for network communications, the system operation, operation is more simple and reliable.


The control method of the food industry centrifuge is divided into three types: manual stepping, single cycle, and automatic. Among them, the manual stepping and single cycle are used in debugging, fault recovery or other test run conditions. The normal production uses the centrifuge. Fully automatic circulation method to achieve the continuous separation process of the centrifuge.


The centrifuge control system of the food industry, based on the process and equipment management requirements, mainly includes two parts: the local control room and the master control room upper computer. The operation buttons, indicator lamps, and buzzer are used to install the on-site operation screen in the local control room. , Speed display and main motor current display instruments and other components and equipment; and the control cabinet is equipped with programmable controllers, AC drives, program-controlled steady-state power supply, DC power supply, relays, signal isolation converters. The master control room upper computer and the local control room are connected by a communication cable.