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Food industry centrifuge performance characteristics and recommended reasons

Feb 24, 2018

With the continuous improvement of technology, the use performance of the centrifuge of the food industry has been obviously improved and strengthened. As a result, more and more friends like it. So, the performance characteristics of the food industry centrifuge exactly what? For users, the device is not only easy to use in practical applications, but also has high work efficiency, which belongs to a very practical device.


For example, in the operation of the food industry centrifuge, which mainly uses the computer control system, so the entire control process is very simple, and the configuration of the touch panel, digital display. In use, you can set the speed directly, automatically calculate the RCF value. Can also be based on processing requirements, to achieve gradient separation. At the same time also has more security features, users can rest assured that use.


For this reason, for many users, the food industry centrifuge has become an indispensable mechanical product in the food industry. The device is widely used in the food and beverage industry and can be applied to liquid-solid separation work with different solid particle diameters, such as for the treatment of oil separations such as vegetable oils, animal oils, fish oils, emulsifiable concentrates, crude oils, various fuel oils, etc. Separation, clarification, clarification of dairy products.


Not only that, after continuous optimization and improvement, today's food industry centrifuge also has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. And in actual operation, its various operating procedures can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation, the residue can be fully washed, solid particles are not easily damaged, and has the advantages of adaptability.


More importantly, in practical applications, the food industry centrifuge greatly improves the operating efficiency and reduce labor intensity, 堪称 food and beverage companies a good helper. Therefore, the food industry centrifuges more and more welcomed by users.