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Fruit juice centrifuge advantages, uses and diverse types

Jun 15, 2018

Juice centrifuge is a kind of juice separation equipment which is currently used more and more. It uses high-speed rotating drum to produce centrifugal force to retain the solid particles in the juice suspension in the drum, and is automatically sent to the outside of the machine under the action of force. Discharge; At the same time under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid in the suspension is thrown out through the sedimentation medium and the drum slag discharge port, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid-solid separation.


With the function of juice centrifuge, it can not only extract the fruit slag, peel and juice in juice, but also can concentrate, separate and clarify the juice. According to different requirements, it can be divided into clear juice and mixed juice, clear juice such as apple juice, grape juice, etc.; mixed juice if granular orange, slag residue, knot fruit juice and so on.


The fruit juice centrifuge has unparalleled price advantage over similar products, and it has the advantages of advanced design technology, stable performance, simple structure, convenient maintenance, small footprint, automatic continuous work and high raw material utilization rate; It is also characterized by its small size, high rotational speed, and small amount of processing. It is used in occasions where large separation factors and small processing volumes are required, including laboratories, food factories, and pharmaceutical factories.


There are many types of fruit juice centrifuges, according to the separation principle can be divided into laboratory fruit juice centrifuge, disc juice centrifuge and decanter juice centrifuges, etc.; according to the structure can be divided into desktop juice centrifuge and vertical juice centrifuge; The capacity can be divided into micro juice centrifuges, small-capacity juice centrifuges and large-capacity juice centrifuges.


Not only that, fruit juice centrifuges can be divided into small juice centrifuges, small fruit juice centrifuges and large fruit juice centrifuges by the scale; from the perspective of temperature control, frozen juice centrifuges and room temperature juice centrifuges can be distinguished; and they can be produced by centrifugation. Juice centrifuges, preparative juice centrifuges and analytical juice centrifuges.


In addition, the speed is also one of the classification basis of the juice centrifuge, a low-speed juice centrifuge refers to a juice centrifuge with a speed of less than 10000rpm; the other is a high-speed juice centrifuge, generally refers to the speed of 10000 ~ 25000rpm The juice centrifuge; there is the ultra-high-speed juice centrifuge, fruit juice centrifuge speed greater than 25000rpm.