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Fruit juice centrifuge separator operation method and advantages

Mar 26, 2018

The fruit juice centrifuge separator is a device that is specially applied to carry out the juice separation process and complete the dehydration operation before the material is dried. After being processed by the juice centrifuge, the burden on the dryer can be greatly reduced, and at the same time, the output can be significantly increased and the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, which is an indispensable processing equipment before the high-humidity material is dried.


1. About the operation method of fruit juice centrifuge separator:


In actual operation, we need to put the materials to be treated into the juice centrifuge uniformly. Pay attention to balance and uniformity and do not overload. Then start the motor for about 90 seconds, the machine is up and running, and the outlet pipe starts to discharge a lot of water. After the equipment is running for a while, check the outlet of the outlet pipe to remove the power. After 1-2 minutes, slowly brake the open and close arms several times to stop the machine.


2. What are the product advantages of fruit juice centrifuge separator?


The product has good adaptability, can meet the requirements of different users, and can reduce the cost of construction, reduce the release of phosphorus and anaerobic odor. And juice centrifuge itself is a small structure design, compact and reasonable layout, take up less space, easy maintenance and replacement; small weight, easy to handle.


Not only that, in the long-term use of fruit juice centrifuge separator, it can still maintain a good running state, not easy to plug. In addition, the device also has a self-cleaning function. It is not necessary to clean the filter to prevent clogging of the filter, reduce flushing water consumption, and reduce the burden on the internal circulation.


In addition, the juice centrifugal separator also has a high level of automation, so through the electronic control cabinet, with the bubble machine, into the mud pump, dosing pump, etc. linked to achieve 24-hour continuous unmanned operation. Moreover, the daily maintenance time of the juice centrifuge is short, the maintenance operation is simple, and the use period is long.