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Fruit Juice Decanter Centrifuge Use Requirements and Working Principle

Aug 12, 2017

The juice decanter centrifuge is mainly used in the process of using its centrifugal force, separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of the various components of the mechanical, juice decanter centrifuge is the suspension of solid particles and liquid completely separated.

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The effective use of the centrifugal force of the juice decanter centrifuge makes it necessary to separate the different materials to a certain extent to get the speed of separation of the machine, the device in use through its high-speed centrifugal drum to produce its centrifugal force, effectively the solid-liquid mixture In the liquid phase thrown out of the drum, the solid phase will remain in the drum, so that it will effectively achieve its separation of solid and liquid effect.

The centrifugal principle of the juice decanter centrifuge is mainly due to the fact that when the suspension containing the fine particles is stationary, it will cause the suspended particles to sink gradually due to the effect of the gravitational field. The heavier the particles, the faster the sink, and the smaller the density of the particles than the liquid will float.

The velocity of the particles in the juice decanter centrifuge moving in the gravitational field is related to the size, density and morphology of the particles. When used, the strength of the gravitational field and the viscosity of the liquid are in the order of a few microns, and they can be observed under normal gravity Of the settlement process.

Juice decanter centrifuge in the course of the operation of the material in the settlement of the medium will be effectively accompanied by the phenomenon of diffusion, diffusion is unconditional absolute, diffusion and material quality is inversely proportional to the general case of the smaller particles of its spread Will become more serious.

Juice decanter centrifuge settlement is relative, under normal circumstances is subject to its external force to exercise, the settlement is proportional to the weight of the object, the larger the particle will be faster, less than a few microns of particles such as viruses or proteins, etc. In the solution will form its colloidal or semi-colloidal state, only the use of gravity is not possible to observe the settlement process.

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