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Good performance in drilling mud decanter centrifuges processing

Apr 12, 2018

Drilling mud decanter centrifuges are solid-liquid separation special equipment specially designed for the characteristics of petroleum drilling fluid. Its uniqueness is that it can complete the processes of feeding, centrifugal sedimentation and unloading at full speed. The utility model is used for recycling barite, removing fine solids, reducing the solid content of the drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid and the like, and ensuring the performance of the drilling fluid as well as the rapid drilling.


Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the use of centrifugal sedimentation principle to separate the drilling suspension, so that the suspension from the feed pipe through the spiral ejector outlet hole into the drum, under the action of centrifugal force solid particles are pushed to the inner wall of the drum By pushing the blades on the screw pusher to the slag discharge port at the small end of the drum, the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the big end of the drum. This continuous cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.


In actual use, the drilling mud decanter centrifuge not only works reliably, but also has a long life. This is because the key component of the screw propeller is made of thick plate steel and the thickness of its surface wear layer is thicker than the original. Double and spray tungsten carbide on its surface to ensure that the device has a long life.


The main bearing of the drilling mud decanter centrifuges adopt imported high-quality bearings, and the differential adopts high-precision hardened gear transmission, making the centrifuge adaptable to the harsh working conditions at the drilling site. In addition, the sedimentation area parameters and feeding methods of the drilling mud centrifuge are optimized to make the sand removing effect of the centrifuge greatly enhanced; at the same time, the vibration precision of the rotating part of the drilling mud centrifuge is improved and the vibration is low. Low noise.


Because of this, drilling mud centrifuges have been used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, recycling barite, environmental protection and other fields that require solid-liquid separation, can complete the solid phase dehydration, liquid phase clarification, liquid-liquid-solid three phases Separation, particle size classification and other separation processes.