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Heating method and display mode of petroleum refining centrifugal separator

Sep 05, 2018

The petroleum refining centrifugal separator is designed mainly for the crude oil neutralization sediment determination method (centrifuge), and meets the standard requirements to some extent. The centrifuge separation method is used to determine the water and sediment in the crude oil. . It is an ideal separation equipment for water measurement in oil extraction industry and scientific research units.

The petroleum refining centrifugal separator adopts uniform heating mode, which has fast heating and high control precision during operation. The whole equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, and its large torque brushless DC variable frequency motor; the speed is stable, the motor noise is small, and no routine maintenance is required. All steel body frame structure, overspeed protection, unbalance protection, etc., to ensure human safety.

The oil refining centrifugal separation machine adopts two display modes, so that it can be selected by the user, and the control parameters such as speed, temperature and time can be freely set, and can be modified during operation to facilitate use. Silent mechatronic motor door locks are used. It is equipped with double damping device, with automatic balance function, stable operation, and can be separated by visual balance.

The main components such as the drum of the petroleum refining centrifugal separators are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The conveying screw adopts special anti-wear measures. It can spray-weld hard alloy protective layer or insert hard alloy resistant sheet, large aspect ratio, High speed. The drum cone structure has various angles.