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High Speed 3 Phase Centrifuge Working Principle and Control Requirement

Aug 10, 2017

High speed 3 phase centrifuge in the process of its main principle is the two liquid phase and a solid phase into the centrifuge, the effective rely on the centrifugal force field to expand several thousand times,high speed 3 phase centrifuge in solid phase Centrifugal force under the effect of settlement, two liquid phase also appeared stratification.

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High speed 3 phase centrifuge effectively realize the solid-liquid-liquid three-phase separation, the equipment under the action of special institutions were effectively discharged from the body, and then the whole process of feeding and separation are continuous, closed and automatically completed , In the process of making mainly by the rack, casing, drum, screw, differential and other components.

High speed 3 phase centrifuge drum is the effective use of its double-vertebral design, the equipment of the drum wall designed specifically the longitudinal groove, in use can effectively improve the efficiency of its spiral transmission solid phase, spiral blade face There is a protective layer of cemented carbide, effectively improve the wear life of the spiral blade.

The main motor of the high speed 3 phase centrifuge is directly controlled by the main inverter, and the auxiliary motor is controlled by the sub-inverter. The frequency of the motor can be adjusted at any time when the frequency of the auxiliary inverter is Provided by the DC bus, which is called DC bus.

High speed 3 phase centrifuge DC bus power supply to achieve the vice motor was working state of the generator when the energy feedback, which can effectively save power. When the material to be separated is transported from the feed pump to the centrifuge drum, the high-speed rotating drum produces a strong centrifugal force to settle the solid phase particles larger than the liquid phase density to the inner wall of the drum.

High speed 3 phase centrifuge due to its drum and spiral speed is different, the two there is relative movement, the density of solid settlement to the drum wall, the two phase density of different clear liquid to form its concentric cylinder, The light liquid phase will be in its inner layer, the heavier liquid phase in the outer layer.

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