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High Speed 3 Phase Centrifuge Structural Characteristics and Application

Aug 28, 2017

High speed 3 phase centrifuge, which is one of the types of centrifuges, so if you want to have a comprehensive and profound understanding of this kind of centrifuge, then it is necessary to learn and understand, otherwise, can not achieve this The purpose of. Therefore, it is not too late, immediately to start it, so that can improve learning efficiency, and let everyone benefit from it.

High speed 3 phase centrifuge

1. High speed 3 phase centrifuge, which belongs to three-phase centrifuge? One of the high speed, specifically what? How to divide

High speed 3 phase centrifuge, which belongs to the three-phase centrifuge, because, from its name, can draw this conclusion. And one of the high-speed, mainly refers to the centrifuge speed, because its high speed, so, will have the name. In general, the 10000-30000 turn, divided into high-speed centrifuge. And 10000 rpm or less, it is for low speed centrifuge.

2. High speed 3 phase centrifuge, its main application and principle, what is it?

High speed 3 phase centrifuge, which is mainly used in solid-liquid-liquid three-phase separation, because it is the three-phase separation. Its working principle is: When the two liquid phases and a solid phase enter the centrifuge, the solid phase is settled by centrifugal force, and the two liquid phases are also stratified, so that the separation of the three phases can be achieved. Out of the body. Moreover, the whole process is continuous, closed and automatically completed.

3. High speed 3 phase centrifuge, which is composed of what? Its structural characteristics, what is it?

High speed 3 phase centrifuge, its composition, mainly drum, spiral, differential, rack, motor and casing and other components. Its structural features are: The drum of the centrifuge is designed with a double vertebral angle, and the inner wall of the drum has longitudinal groove, which is used to improve the efficiency of conveying the solid phase. In the working surface of the spiral blade, there is a protective layer of cemented carbide, so that it can improve its wear resistance and extend its service life. In addition, its motor frequency can be adjusted.

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