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High-speed three-phase centrifuge has great advantages in sludge treatment

Jun 04, 2018

The high-speed three-phase centrifuge is a new type of centrifugal device. Its special feature is that it can realize the separation requirements from three different solid and liquid materials. In the operation of high-speed three-phase centrifuges, the solid-liquid-liquid specific gravity difference is utilized, and the centrifugal force field is used to expand several thousand times. The solid phase is settled under the action of centrifugal force, and the two liquid phases are also stratified. Solid-liquid-liquid three-phase separation.


At the same time, the separated materials will be discharged from different institutions as the high-speed three-phase centrifuge continues to operate. The entire feed and separation process is continuous, closed, and automated. The device is mainly composed of a driving part, a drum and an auger, and has a compact structure and a small volume. Its operation is based on the principle of settlement. That is, solid particles that are heavier than liquid precipitate out within a predetermined time.


For the high-speed three-phase centrifuges, there is another difference in structure: that is, the laminar flow design is adopted for the flow plates. In other words, the centrifuge overflow plate is installed on the spiral end main shaft on the inner side of the discharge end cover, and is a disc type structure. The center has a main shaft mounting hole, and a set of overflow holes are evenly opened around the main shaft installation hole. It can avoid that a few solid particles are mixed in the liquid phase and the liquid is clearer. The solid phase that does not settle to the bottom will also be pushed toward the slag discharge by the screw, and the recovery rate of the solid phase is higher.


Because of the special structure, high-speed three-phase centrifuges show obvious advantages in sludge treatment. This equipment can not only separate the solids from the sludge, but also separate the sludge from the sludge, which is incomparable to other separation methods.


More importantly, after the high-speed three-phase centrifuges are processed, the moisture content and oil content of the dry mud obtained will be reduced. On the other hand, it has also effectively reduced the amount of pulling traffic and reduced the cost of transportation. In addition, this can also reduce the amount of sludge that enters the natural environment and reduce the pollution to the environment.