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Horizontal centrifuge construction principle

Sep 06, 2019

In the casing, the drum and the auger are connected by two concentric bearings. The main motor drives the drum to rotate through the V-belt. The drum is connected to the outer casing of the planetary differential through the hollow shaft at the left bearing. The output shaft of the speeder drives the auger to rotate in the same direction as the drum, but the rotation speed is different. The suspension is continuously fed into the machine from the center feeding tube at the right end, and is fed through the feeding hole of the inner cylinder of the auger In the drum, an annular liquid pool is formed in the drum under the action of centrifugal force, and the heavy phase solid particles are centrifugally settled to the inner surface of the drum to form a sediment. The sediment is pushed by the spiral blade due to the relative movement of the spiral blade and the rotating drum. The small end of the drum is sent out of the liquid level and pulled out from the slag hole. A plurality of overflow holes are opened in the big end cover of the drum, and the liquid phase flows out therefrom, thereby completing the solid-liquid separation.