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Horizontal centrifuge selection must be considered when the security measures

Jun 08, 2017

Horizontal centrifuge is a high-speed operation of the machine, is also a daily experiment necessary tools, quality is very important. Choose a reliable, good reputation of the brand not only in the use of the process to bring convenience, but also reduce the future losses caused by failure and trouble. For example, the centrifuge cover should have double or multi-layer safety protection steel sets sufficient to prevent the occurrence of potential accidental injury, but now people still do not realize this dangerous presence, in order to reduce costs still use non-steel or other can not meet the safety Demand the material of the shell, so we should pay attention when buying. These can not see the details of the security is guaranteed, the price and quality is proportional to. Other safety measures such as automatic rotor identification (to prevent the setting of centrifugal speed exceeds the limit), lock operation (lock after the centrifuge to start, after the shutdown to open) and so safety measures are important to protect the safety of laboratory staff , And some centrifuges can also monitor the whole process of centrifugation even if the tube rupture and sample spill caused by imbalance or whether the rotor cover is covered. Countries have different standards of certification projects, good products through a variety of strict certification, the higher the credibility of the higher certification. Manufacturers of the after-sales service is also a major factor in the inspection, centrifuge maintenance is highly technical, installation and maintenance should be recognized by the manufacturers of professional maintenance personnel, and therefore should choose the centrifuge must consider the safety measures of the choice of reliable brands and sales units The

In use, please note that once the centrifugal process problems, with a lock the centrifuge may not open the lid and can not remove the precious samples, maintenance personnel are often difficult to arrive in time. So the choice of horizontal centrifuge should have for emergency use of the manual open hole, in the installation must be clear when the engineers how to use. In case of accidents and opportunities to save their own precious samples.