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Horizontal decanter centrifuge before the inspection

Sep 21, 2017

Before the horizontal decanter centrifuge enters the formal job, it is necessary to check as required. The reason for the relevant inspection, mainly in order to ensure that in the latter part of the work, to better play a horizontal sedimentation centrifuge role and value. So, do you know what the main checklist includes? Here to see the specific content of it!

First of all, we have to check the work environment, mainly to ensure that the horizontal decanter centrifuge equipment around the existence of any obstacles, so as not to affect its normal operation; Secondly, we also need to carefully view the equipment in the V-belt Tension, and pay attention to check the tightening of their various shards. If necessary, should be adjusted in time to ensure the normal operation.

Furthermore, we need to see if the various rotating parts in the device can be flexible operation. The specific method of operation is: hand turning the main motor of the triangular pulley, usually two turns to see whether there is a problem in the rotation process, if you feel a greater resistance, it should promptly find out the specific reasons. In addition, you should also check the horizontal decanter centrifuge equipment into the slurry pipe diverter valve is open.

It is important to ensure that each valve is in the correct position before opening the unit. The fourth point, we also need to ensure that the water source has enough water. In this case, the funnel in the case of a larger viscosity, you can add moisture in time to ensure that the horizontal sedimentation centrifuge equipment separation effect. And after use, you can also timely cleaning.

Finally, if there is no use for some time, then before re-use, should pay attention to see the horizontal settling centrifuge two-stage planetary differential mechanical oil is sufficient, if the amount is less, then need to add mechanical oil.

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