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Horizontal decanter centrifuge preparation and precautions before purchase

Jun 21, 2019

Horizontal decanter centrifuge, which is a specific type of centrifuge, and from the current point of view, will be used in some industries and fields, so it is necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this type of centrifuge, in order to know how Correct and reasonable use, in turn, can ensure that the product has a good use.


1. Preparation for horizontal decanter centrifuge before purchase

The horizontal decanter centrifuge needs to do some preparatory work before the product is purchased, and it needs to be taken seriously and carried out. It is necessary to pay attention to this work, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the correct purchase of the product. Therefore, this requirement will be met. In the specific work content, the first is to have a clear understanding of the product use environment and the use requirements, and the second is to understand some basic information of the product and the manufacturer, so as to carry out multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration.


2. Product selection of horizontal decanter centrifuge

The purchase of horizontal decanter centrifuges is an important task, so it needs to be taken seriously and not scorned and sloppy. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid erroneous choices, as this will have adverse effects, such as product waste and economic losses to the user. In terms of purchase considerations, it is necessary to comprehensively and comprehensively consider all relevant factors, so that you can have accurate judgments and correct choices, and then choose the right products.


In the way of purchasing products, it is possible to choose the appropriate route according to their own conditions and actual conditions, so as to ensure the selection of suitable products. In the specific product purchase route, from the current point of view, there are three ways, one is to find the direct purchase of the manufacturer, the second is to purchase the product through the agent, and the third is to buy the product on the relevant industry website. .


3. Precautions for horizontal decanter centrifuge

(1) The horizontal decanter centrifuge should be thoroughly and carefully inspected before use, whether its important components can work normally, and whether the equipment is installed correctly and installed in place.

(2) The operator must know the operating procedures and safe operating procedures of the equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to operate illegally.

(3) If there is hard material in the drum of the centrifuge, the centrifuge cannot be started. The centrifuge cannot be operated without a belt guard and other protective devices.

(4) Horizontal decanter centrifuges should be inspected frequently or periodically during use. If problems occur, they should be disposed of in time. When the centrifuge is used, the daily maintenance of the equipment should be done. In addition, the equipment cannot be disassembled and cleaned while it is running.www.bscentrifuges.com