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Horizontal screw centrifuge safety precautions

Aug 19, 2019

Horizontal screw centrifuge safety precautions:


1. Decanter centrifuges shall not be used to separate flammable, toxic, and corrosive, radioactive materials.


2. Please read all the requirements in the instructions carefully before preparing to install or operate the decanter centrifuge.


3. Do not operate a centrifuge with a warning sign that is damaged or without a warning sign.


4. If the vibration amplitude of the machine exceeds 24mm/sec, please stop immediately!


5. Do not use the centrifuge when the feed temperature exceeds the limits stated in the data sheets for the three manuals for installation, operation, and maintenance.


6. The centrifuge cannot be started when there is ice water, freezing or hard material in the drum.


7. Do not operate the centrifuge beyond the maximum drum speed indicated on the centrifuge nameplate and the maximum solids density as specified in the manual data sheet.


8. Do not operate the centrifuge without a belt guard and other protective equipment.


9. Regularly check all automatic shut-off devices and monitoring systems to ensure proper operation.


10. Do not disassemble the centrifuge if it is not possible to determine if the centrifuge is completely stopped, if the main power supply is completely disconnected, and if the main switch is disconnected and locked safely.


11. Do not operate the centrifuge when there are cracks, dents, voids or grooves in the drum, motor or support frame of the centrifuge.


12. When the running direction of the motor is opposite to the direction of the pointing arrow, do not perform any operation on the centrifuge.


13. Do not start the machine if the centrifuge is not completely installed.


14. Follow all lubrication procedures and procedures for the equipment.


15. Check the base of the centrifuge and motor and all supporting frames, casings and connecting fittings at least once a year.


16. Do not place rags or loose clothing near rotating parts.


17. When disassembling, installing, or operating, operating, and servicing the machine, follow the normal steps.


18. Only specially trained technicians can operate, clean, disassemble, and install decanter centrifuges.