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Horizontal Screw Decanter Centrifuge Energy Saving Is Mainly Rreflected In What Aspects

Jul 31, 2017

In recent years, environmental protection and energy conservation more and more people from all walks of life attention. And now the decanter centrifuge is a high-speed centrifugal separation equipment, not only can solve the production problems, improve work efficiency, but also save the cost. And today Xiaobian and we talk about decanter centrifuge energy saving is mainly reflected in what aspects.
1, the slag mouth of the energy-saving design: horizontal screw decanter centrifuge drum cone at the bottom of the bottom evenly open the row of slag mouth, slag mouth in the tangential direction parallel to the plane, to avoid the solid phase material before leaving the drum Collision with the slag mouth, wear. During the slagging process, the solid phase material can leave the rotating drum earlier and save energy.
2, the overflow of the energy-saving design: horizontal screw decanter centrifuge drum big opening has overflow port, overflow port can be equipped with the depth of the pool can adjust the overflow plate. Liquid material directly away from the high-speed rotation of the drum, reducing the drum on the liquid phase material acceleration, saving energy. Applied to clarify the occasion, the effect is more obvious.
3, the drive system energy-saving design: horizontal screw decanter centrifuge with dual-motor dual-frequency energy feedback drive system, the main and auxiliary motor with a frequency converter. Under the action of the differential speed, the auxiliary motor in the power generation state when the regeneration of the energy, the use of DC bus feedback to the main motor, saving energy.

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