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Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge features

Dec 16, 2017

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge in the use of its safety protection device is complete and reliable, the entire device will be equipped with torque protection, electrical interlocking, power control and sound and light alarm and other multiple protection, can effectively eliminate or reduce sudden failure of the machine caused The damage.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge operation in the process of its high degree of automation, equipment in the feeding, separation and unloading processes are carried out at full speed under continuous automatic operation, the use of its equipment can be based on its control can be based Its user requirements and computer communication, process automation and control.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge operating environment is good, in the use of its local suspension of the separation is carried out in a fully enclosed state of the operation site without any pollution, when used to be effective To maintain the environment clean and tidy.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge corrosion resistance and corrosion performance, its equipment, spiral, chassis, drum and other materials in contact with the parts are made of high quality stainless steel, when used with full corrosion resistance As well as the ability to rust, if necessary, can also be based on user requirements switch to other materials.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge low energy consumption. The model uses advanced frequency control technology, the impact on the power supply network is small, energy consumption of similar products 1/3 to 1/2. Smooth operation. The implementation of the rotating parts precision balancing and machine speed loading dynamic balance.