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Horizontal Screw Decanter Centrifuge Process and Disassembly Tips

Jan 30, 2018

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge are often used in liquid phase clarification, particle size classification and concentration process. During the operation of a horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, the drum and the helix rotate at high speed in the same direction with differential speed. The material enters the spiral inner cylinder through the feed pipe and enters the drum from the feed inlet.


Due to the centrifugal force, so the suspension of the large proportion of the solid phase will gradually deposited on the drum wall and gradually form a sediment layer, and a small proportion of solid particles to form the inner layer, the separation layer formed between the sediment layer and the inner layer The liquid phase ring, starting from the wall of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge drum, is in turn a large proportion of the solid phase layer, the liquid phase layer and the small specific gravity solid phase layer, and the liquid phase continuously overflows from the overflow port at the large end of the rotary drum. Small proportion of solid particles from the drum end of the bulk discharge port outside the machine.


During horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, we also need to know the technique of disassembly and installation, which will be conducive to better operation and use. From the practical point of view, the device is currently more widely used, but mainly for the treatment of various types of sludge concentration and dehydration. Usually in the dehydration process, if the feed concentration changes, then the drum and the spiral slip and torque will automatically track adjustment.


General demolition of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge drum big end bearings, should first loosen and remove the bolts connecting the flange, the top of the top with the appropriate top differential, hoist walking differential. Remember, the two top of the screw force to be uniform, do not ramp out. In the process of ejection, the differential should be gently sling with a sling to prevent the differential from being fully ejected and dropped.


In addition, the installation of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge in the process, must be strictly in accordance with the installation process to operate. Before installation, you should carefully check the various components are intact, and make sure all the connections are secure. After the installation of horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge should also be checked and commissioning.