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Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge service life and good adaptability

Oct 09, 2017

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge in the use of the process is a kind of muddy water mixture through the feed pipe and spiral out of the mouth into the drum, the host in the high-speed rotation will produce centrifugal force, the proportion of large solid phase The particles are deposited on the inner wall of the drum and the helical blades moving relative to the drum continuously scrap the solid particles deposited on the inner wall of the drum and push out the slag discharge port. The separated liquid flows out of the drum through the barrier plate opening machine.

The relative movement between the helix and the drum in the Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge is realized by the differential, and the housing of the differential and the drum are connected to the output shaft and the screw connection, the input shaft and the auxiliary shaft Motor connection, the main motor will drive the drum rotation also led to the rotation of the differential housing, the input shaft and the auxiliary motor associated with the auxiliary motor brake torque, which drives the planetary wheel according to the design of the transmission relationship between the operation, And according to a certain proportion of the relationship between the torque transmission to the spiral, to achieve a horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge continuous separation of the material.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge in the use of the process of its adaptability in the process of design will take full account of the mud separation process will put forward their various special requirements of the equipment, the main functional components of the implementation of a special Sex, adjustable and other optimal design. As long as the user before the purchase of the installation of the place, the physical and chemical properties of materials, process requirements, etc., we will give users the most suitable models.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge production capacity is very strong and continuous work 24 hours of work, processing capacity, separation effect is good, low labor costs. Fully automated operation, reliable operation, without human intervention. Each class can be only one person, the technical requirements of workers to operate low, reduce labor costs.

Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge long life, under normal operating conditions, the equipment will run without failure of less than 8000 hours and the service life will not be less than 8 years, the entire equipment is compact and small footprint, easy Operation, easy maintenance and low maintenance costs.


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