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Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge with good adaptability and strong production capacity

Dec 12, 2018

The Horizontal screw Decanter centrifuge has good adaptability in the process of operation. The design of the equipment needs to fully consider the mud-water separation treatment process to put forward various special requirements for the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge, and the main functional components. Optimized design such as speciality and adjustability was implemented. As long as the user explains the location of the installation, the physical and chemical properties of the treated materials, and the process requirements before the purchase, we will provide the most suitable model for the user.


The horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge has strong production capacity and can work for 24 hours in a certain degree. The treatment capacity is large, the separation effect is good, and the labor cost is low. Fully automated operation, reliable operation, no manual intervention required. Only one person per shift is required, which requires low technical requirements for workers and reduces labor costs.


The horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is used by the people. Under normal operating conditions, the trouble-free operation of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is not less than 8000 hours; and the service life is not less than 8 years. Compact structure. Small footprint, easy to operate, easy to maintain and low maintenance