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Horizontal Screw Decanter Centrifuge Working Principle and Advantages

Aug 24, 2017

In the specific type of centrifuge, because it is a lot, so the following, will be one of them to be familiar with and understand, is a horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, or can be referred to as horizontal spiral centrifuge The At the same time, we hope that we can seriously and so, so that this kind of centrifuge can have a preliminary understanding, rather than ignorant of it, in this regard is a blank.

Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

1. Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, its working principle is:

Through the feed pipe and screw out of the mouth, the mud mixture into the drum. In the drum, the centrifugal force generated by the host, the mixture of the larger proportion of solid particles, deposited in the drum wall. Then, through the spiral leaves, the drum wall of the solid particles scraped and sent to the row of slag discharge, and separation of the liquid obtained, it is through the weir plate opening out of the drum. This can be done very well to complete the work of material separation.

2. Horizontal screw decanter centrifuge main advantages, are mainly the following are:

(1) has a good adaptability, and, on the centrifuge in some of the main functional components, to optimize the design, in order to meet the different requirements. In addition, with a strong production capacity, you can work 24 hours a day, there is no problem, you can get a good separation effect.

(2) its operation, can be automated, so that can reduce labor costs, and, safe and reliable operation. Its life in the use, is also very long. Under normal circumstances, the general can use more than 8 years.

(3) The centrifuge structure is compact, and the occupied area is small, and the operation is simple and convenient. In addition, some safety protection devices can be configured to enhance the safety of the use of horizontal spiral settling centrifuges.

(4) due to its contact with the material parts, is the use of high-quality stainless steel, therefore, is a very good corrosion resistance, not rust corrosion. And, this kind of centrifuge, with low energy consumption, because the use of frequency control technology, so, will have this advantage.

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