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Horizontal Spiral Discharge Centrifuge Equipment Characteristics and Application Areas

Aug 03, 2017

Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge is the use of filtration principle separation of suspended solid-liquid separation equipment, the phase particles in the 0.05 --- 3mm suspension can be solid-liquid separation or centrifugal dehydration, and equipped with washing function.

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Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge working principle
The motor drives the drum and concentrically installs the feeding thread family to rotate at a certain speed to the high speed, the material is continuously fed from the feed, evenly distributed to the bottom of the drum wall, under the action of centrifugal force, liquid Through the filter and drum wall filter hole to remove the drum. Outside the discharge port. Solid phase retained in the drum to form a filter residue, the residue in the centrifugal force of the tapered component and the feed screw family under the joint action, continuous to the big drum moving drum out of the drum, the chute out of the machine outside the machine.

Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge equipment characteristics
Continuous work, handling capacity of many forms of drum, screw cone design for a wide range of power with reasonable, low energy consumption and material contact with the zero, parts supporting and independent of the circulating oil lubrication system sealed chassis on the operator, On-site environment from the protection of small size, easy installation, no need to engage in complex basic operation safe and reliable, the use of V-type slip unloading and overload protection device.

Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge applications
CPE, ammonium sulfate, sodium oxide, proprietary Chinese medicine, A-kick particles, straw extraction, copper sulfate, potassium oxide, PVC particles, bead-like polymers, citric acid, lactose, plastic particles, niu, methylcellulose, Pesticides, PVA polyethylene, mirabilite, vegetable extract, compound fertilizer particles, zinc sulfate, and other crystalline substances.

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