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Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge applied to the sealing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Apr 25, 2018

Horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge is solid and liquid separation equipment. Because it is forced separation in the centrifugal force field, the separation factor can reach 600 or even more than 1000, the separation effect is good, the production capacity is large, and automatic control can be realized. Therefore, the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge has a relatively wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, and has become the main equipment for the separation of the current raw material drug production process.


Due to the differences in the physical and chemical properties of the centrifuges used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, the horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge has different requirements, such as the sealing requirements. What kind of way to meet this need?


Whether the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge is used for non-sterile or sterile drugs, or for pharmaceutical intermediates or finished drugs, it places high demands on the environment during the production process. Therefore, the sealing performance of the equipment is improved and fully embodied at the time of manufacture.


The cover of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge is generally inverted, and the cover and the casing joint surface should have reliable sealing measures. The dovetail groove is processed on the flange of the cover to install the sealing strip to ensure the positioning of the sealing strip. Reliability, the sealing strip is trapezoidal hollow structure to ensure its sealing performance.


Horizontal spiral unloading centrifuges used in the pharmaceutical industry have most of the materials they separate, such as solvents and other organic solvents or acids and alkalis. Therefore, full consideration should be given to the sealing requirements of the spindle nuts and bearings of the equipment. In the design, the upper end of the spindle is fastened and sealed with two axial end rings, two O-rings are installed in an isolated manner to eliminate the possibility of liquid leakage; on the upper side of the upper bearing cover, changes can be considered. Bearing cap structure type.


The sealing of the working area of the conveyor belt of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge should be further emphasized to prevent the leakage of friction dust. In addition, the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge external pipeline, such as feeding pipe, washing pipe, cleaning pipe, etc., in general, the choice of flange installation, in order to ensure the sealing performance of its interface.