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Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge features and uses

Mar 31, 2018

From the current application situation, the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge has a wide range of applications. The device has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other areas that require solid-liquid separation. Horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge can complete solid phase dehydration, liquid clarification, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation, particle size classification and other separation processes.


In comparison, horizontal spiral discharge centrifuges have good adaptability and can be used to handle different materials. It is capable of separating a wide range of solid particle sizes, which may include 0.0005 to 2 mm. Even when the particle size of the solid phase is not uniform, good separation effect can be maintained. Not only that, the device is capable of automatic, continuous operation and can be used continuously for a long time.


Considering from the aspect of use, a single horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge can still achieve a large processing capacity, and the device itself has a compact structure, a small footprint and a low operating cost. For users, it is a very useful separation device. In addition, the equipment has stable performance and low failure rate. Even if a failure occurs, it is easy to maintain. At the same time, it can also perform closed operations to protect the on-site operating environment.


Horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge can be used in many applications, such as separation and dehydration of industrial and domestic sewage; starch washing, grading, dehydration; dehydration of soybean and wheat protein; dehydration of fish meal and fish meat; dehydration of distiller's grains; purification of fruit juice and pulp Dehydration of fibers; Separation and purification of animal and vegetable oils; Separation and purification of coal tar, and classification and dewatering of kaolin and graphite.


In addition, the use of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge can also complete the classification of dyes, pigments and dehydration treatment. In short, the horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge can realize automatic and continuous separation of solid and liquid phases, and can be applied to different occasions such as dehydration, concentration, and clarification.