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Horizontal Spiral Filter Centrifuge

Jul 31, 2017

Centrifuge according to different structures, functions, etc. can be distinguished into different types, horizontal spiral centrifuge is one of them. From its use principle we can see that it is a continuous operation of the filter centrifuge, and in the use of the process shows a large processing capacity, low energy consumption, stable performance, good separation and so on.
With this advantage, the horizontal spiral centrifuge can be at full speed operation of the suspension for continuous feeding, washing, dehydration and discharge, to achieve the desired operating results. Compared with other separation equipment, horizontal spiral  centrifuge is not only the construction of new, advanced technology, and efficient low consumption, so much chemical, food, salt, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries of all ages.
Of course, horizontal spiral centrifuge is also a corresponding range, from the particle size point of view, it is suitable for separation of the particle diameter is generally 0.05 ~ 10mm, the range of 0.3 ~ 2mm particles, the separation effect is more obvious.

 Horizontal spiral centrifuge.jpg

And from the shape and state of the separation of view, the horizontal spiral centrifuge pairs. Separate shape for the linear and crystalline solid material has a higher separation effect. In addition, the horizontal spiral centrifuge can also be used for the separation of suspended solids and sediments, and the effect is good.
If the horizontal screw centrifuge mainframe into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, then it can meet the general requirements of the use of explosion-proof occasions, but it should be noted that does not apply to the separation of flammable or explosive materials or in the explosion-proof requirements Higher occasions.
If you need to separate flammable and explosive materials, or in the explosion-proof requirements of the higher occasions, but also need to be based on the nature of the separation medium, explosion-proof requirements and the use of explosion-proof measures to improve the horizontal spiral centrifuge to ensure that equipment The process of security.

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