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How decanter centrifuge improves dehydration efficiency

Mar 24, 2020

The decanter centrifuge is a kind of machinery used in dewatering. During the use of the decanter centrifuge, the problem of slow dehydration efficiency of the centrifuge was encountered. The specific performance is as follows: with the increase of fixed materials in the drum, the centrifuge The dehydration time is prolonged, and the situation of taking off or not. This phenomenon is universal.

In order to improve the dewatering efficiency of the decanter centrifuge, the rotation speed of the centrifuge drum can be increased within the safety allowable range and the material is non-corrosive or less corrosive; at the same time, the filtering area in the centrifuge drum can be increased .

The specific implementation method is to increase the lining net, so that a slight gap is kept between the filter bag and the decanter centrifuge drum to improve the water permeability; increase the cross-sectional area, such as adding a V-shaped filter baffle. Of course, a small number of dehydration methods can reduce the amount of dewatering and filtering materials in each centrifuge. The more and less discharge methods can also improve the efficiency of the decanter centrifuge.

If the material is sticky, wash it to the extent permitted by the process. Increasing the particle size of the solid phase material. In the case of the same process, if you want to increase the rate of concern, you can consider adding, such as flocculant. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, the parameters such as the rotation speed of the drum, the dry solid load, the type of flocculant, the concentration of flocculant, the dosage and position, the thickness of the liquid ring layer, and the speed difference curve were changed to adjust The solid content of the de-cemented cake and the solid content of the supernatant make the centrifuge run in a good state.

Through actual operation, we have found that, among many factors mentioned above, the setting of the thickness of the liquid ring layer and the adjustment of the speed difference are very important for the dewatering effect of the centrifuge sludge.