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How does a high-speed three-phase centrifuge separate materials?

Jun 14, 2018

The high-speed three-phase centrifuge is mainly composed of a driving part, a drum and a screw conveyor, and has a compact structure. small volume. When running, the main motor drives the drum to rotate at full speed. The material is continuously introduced into the screw by the feed pipe and evenly distributed to the screw outlet. Under the action of centrifugal force, solid matter settles to the drum wall and is pushed out of the slag outlet of the conical drum by an auger. The liquid phase flows out spirally toward the large-end overflow hole of the drum to form a small end solid phase. Big end liquid phase.


Then, the solid particles in the mixture are separated from the liquid, or the two mixture liquids with different specific gravity and incompatible with each other are separated. Therefore, the use of a high-speed three-phase centrifuge not only separates the solids in the three muds, but also separates the oil in the three muds, that is, the solid-liquid one-liquid separation can be performed.


Specifically, high-speed three-phase centrifuges can perform clarification, separation and dehydration, or grading solid particles of 1um to 5um for 0.002 to 3 mm. At the same time it also shows a wide range of applications, continuous work, large processing capacity, low cost, easy maintenance and other characteristics, is the ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation, widely used in chemical, light industry, medicine, food, paper, mining and other industries.


In the high-speed three-phase centrifuge, its differential has high precision, compact structure, stable operation and high safety; while the main bearing adopts imported bearings to ensure its running accuracy and convenient operation; all contact with the material in the equipment All are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that the quality of the product is not affected by the material.


In addition, the high-speed three-phase centrifuge has a variety of safety overload protection devices to ensure safe production. There are also two types of general-purpose and explosion-proof products to meet different requirements. And its rack can be designed according to user needs into a low center of gravity, high bracket type, mobile; in addition can be based on actual requirements can be matched, dual frequency conversion and intelligent automatic control system.


High-speed three-phase centrifuges show great advantages in sludge treatment because it not only separates the solids from the sludge, but also separates the oil from the sludge, which is incomparable to other separation methods. of. At the same time, the moisture content and oil content of dried sludge treated by high-speed three-phase centrifuges have declined to varying degrees, with significant results.