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How does the sludge dewatering equipment make the sludge deep dehydration?

Dec 04, 2017

It is also a dehydration equipment, but the sludge dewatering equipment is specially designed for the sludge dewatering, which has a significant effect on the sludge treatment. So, how does it work to achieve the deep dehydration of the sludge? Does it need to use in conjunction with other chemicals during this process?


Since it is designed for the characteristics of the sludge, each component of the sludge dewatering equipment and each function can play an important role in sludge dewatering. In the actual working process, the sludge dewatering equipment is mainly composed of oil pressure to complete the top tight process. The pressure sealing effect of the equipment is maintained by the top tight nut, because the center is tightly closed to ensure maximum sealing, it can avoid leakage in the equipment work.


And the dewatering of the sludge is completed by the filter board of the sludge dewatering equipment. The diameters and numbers of the filter boards are different, which is mainly related to the amount of sludge treatment. The filter board of the sludge dewatering equipment is sealed with the rubber ring to ensure the dehydration is complete. In short, the sludge dewatering equipment is considered synthetically from the principle and the various host structure, the material and so on , in order to realize the sludge deep dehydration.


In general, before sludge dewatering, a lot of conditioning reagents are added to the sludge, and some even add a lot of lime to reduce the sludge cake moisture content.  But with this advanced sludge dewatering equipment, it will not be so much trouble. Because it uses the high pressure to press the sludge, so as to realize the deep dehydration of the sludge.


Practice has proved that the sludge cake moisture content is controlled within 65 % when the municipal sewage sludge is dewatered by sludge dewatering equipment without adding any medicament. Paper sludge and leather sludge, without adding conditioning reagents, the water contentm can be controlled within 55 % . The moisture content of the printing and dyeing sludge can be controlled below 60 % without adding the quenched and tempered reagent.