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How to present the characteristics of animal oil decanter centrifuge

Jan 16, 2019

animal oil decanter centrifuges are machines that also utilize centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components of liquid and liquid mixtures. It is mainly used to separate solid particles in animal oil suspensions; or to separate two liquids with different densities and incompatible emulsions. It can also be used for elimination.


The animal oil decanter centrifuge has a wide application range and has been widely used in the field of solid-liquid separation. It can complete solid phase dehydration, liquid phase clarification, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid three-phase separation, particle size classification and other separation processes. Moreover, the adaptability to the material is large, and the separable solid phase particle size is large.


The animal oil decanter centrifuge has excellent performance, can be automatically and continuously operated for a long time, and is easy to maintain and can be closed. Moreover, the single machine has large production capacity, compact structure, small floor space and low operating cost, and is a very practical animal oil separation device.