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How to use a centrifuge

May 15, 2019

The centrifuge should be placed horizontally, 10cm above the wall, and maintain a good ventilation environment, protected from direct exposure of heat and sunlight. The room temperature should not exceed 30 °C, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect. When the external humidity is large, the moisture in the centrifuge chamber volatilizes slowly. At this time, it should be removed in time to prevent the instrument from rusting. When centrifuging the sample tube just removed from the water temperature tank, always observe whether there is any water in the centrifuge cup and pour it in time to keep the balance of the centrifuge cup dry and centrifuged. It is strictly forbidden to spin the centrifuge without turning the rotor. If it is idling, it will cause the centrifuge shaft to bend. Before the centrifuge is operated, it must be confirmed that the rotor has been stabilized and tightened, and the rotor cover must be placed and stabilized. After installing a rotor, place the level on the rotor and repeatedly adjust the two adjustable screws on the front of the centrifuge until they are completely level. It is important to precisely balance the tubes and their contents. The load must be balanced when used, in line with the symmetrical installation. If you find that the sound is not normal during use, stop immediately. Some common centrifuges have a centrifugal tube sleeve. When balancing, the tube sleeve should be taken. The sleeve of one centrifuge can only be used on the centrifuge. It cannot be between the centrifuges (especially different types of centrifuges). Between) mixing the sleeve.


Care should be taken to prevent contamination of the instrument by radioisotopes. First, carefully observe the sample tube for cracks or trachoma holes to avoid liquid leakage during centrifugation. Secondly, the plastic tube placed in the centrifuge cup should be light to prevent liquid spillage. If the liquid enters the centrifuge cup and causes contamination in the centrifuge chamber, the centrifuge cup should be taken out immediately, washed repeatedly with tap water and dried, and the centrifuge chamber should be thoroughly cleaned.