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How to use the centrifuge correctly?

Sep 23, 2019

For centrifuges this should be used correctly:


1. When using various centrifuges, the centrifuge tube and its contents must be precisely balanced on the balance beforehand. The difference in weight should not exceed the range specified in the instructions of each centrifuge. Each centrifuge has different rotors. For the respective allowable difference, the singular tube must not be loaded in the rotor. When the rotor is only partially loaded, the tubes must be placed symmetrically in the rotor so that the load is evenly distributed around the rotor.


2. If you are going to centrifuge at a temperature below room temperature. The rotor should be placed in the refrigerator or placed in the rotor of the centrifuge for pre-cooling before use.


3. Do not leave at any time during the centrifugation process. Observe the normal operation of the instrument on the centrifuge at any time. If there is abnormal sound, stop it immediately and check it out in time.


4. When each rotor has its maximum allowable speed and usage limit, please consult the manual when using the rotor, and do not use it too fast. Each turn must have a use file to record the accumulated use time. If it exceeds the maximum use limit of the turn, it must be used at the reduced speed.


5. When loading the solution, it should be carried out according to the specific operation instructions of various centrifuges. According to the nature and volume of the liquid to be centrifuged, select the appropriate centrifuge tube. Some centrifuge tubes have no cover, and the liquid should not be packed too much to prevent centrifugation. The squeezing causes the rotor to be unbalanced, rusted or corroded, whereas the centrifuge tube of the preparative ultracentrifuge often requires that the liquid must be filled to avoid deformation of the upper portion of the plastic centrifuge tube during centrifugation.


After each use, the rotor must be carefully inspected, cleaned and dried in time. The rotor is the key component of the centrifuge that must be protected. When handling, be careful not to collide and avoid causing scars. Apply a layer of glazing protection. Never use a centrifuge tube that is significantly deformed, damaged or aged.