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Industrial Decanter Centrifuge Selection

Dec 19, 2017

Industrial decanter centrifuge in the use of its automatic, continuous operation and long-term operation and other advantages are widely used, the entire equipment maintenance is very convenient, industrial decanter centrifuge can work under pressure or low temperature, the stand-alone Large production capacity, the processing power of its equipment is good, so the applicability of a wide range of applications and other structural features.

Industrial decanter centrifuge in the rigid shaft and the flexible shaft of the points, when used in general will not operate on the speed is too high, larger rotor diameter, liquid flow better centrifuge is usually designed rigid shaft. The original research machine is designed as a rigid shaft, its shaft diameter larger drum (Φ125mm), the critical speed is greater than the working speed, drum shaft and bearing spacing (800mm), set a large size bearings, the entire rotation The height of the shaft system is correspondingly reduced. Due to the vibration problem when there is no critical speed, the vibration damping structure is simplified correspondingly, and the spherical support that the flexible shaft often needs is canceled.

Industrial decanter centrifuge working speed below its first-order critical speed, there is no critical speed vibration problems, you can operate in a wide speed range. Rigid shaft structure itself can be set to large-size bearings, bearing the stress state is better, can improve the life of the machine.

Industrial settling centrifuge set up an effective liquid chamber, cone and slag mouth switching device, the device is mainly composed of clear liquid chamber and conical bottom annular groove formed by the connection, the entire device has a clear liquid The outlet tube, whose high-speed water flow presents its helical splash onto the housing, enters its clear chamber. The conical bottom is located on the lower part of the cylinder body, the upper tube nozzle, the high-pressure water nozzle and the slag discharge port (reflux port) are fixed on the cone cylinder, the slag port switching device is located at the bottom of the conical bottom and consists of a nuclear-level valve electric device, , Switching tank, cone and other components.