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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Can Be Used To Oxidize The Way

Aug 19, 2017

Speaking of industrial wastewater treatment when the way of pharmaceutical oxidation, that is, for the toxic and hazardous substances in terms of waste water, it is actually a reductive material, in which the direct addition of an oxidation aid, it will The toxic and harmful substances directly to the oxidation of non-toxic or toxic relatively small new material, for such industrial wastewater treatment method, that is, pharmaceutical oxidation.

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In the industrial wastewater treatment, we use more of the pharmaceutical oxidation method is actually chlorine oxidation method, simply speaking, for its added chemical is chlorine-containing oxides such as liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, etc., on these agents The basic principle is concerned, in fact, is the use of the resulting hypochlorite strong oxidation.

Chlorine oxidation method is generally used to deal with cyanide-containing wastewater, for now more mature technology, in fact, is alkaline oxidation of chlorine. In the alkaline chlorine oxidation process for the reaction time, in terms of its pH value is in fact to a certain extent, directly less than 8.5, but it has the risk of releasing toxic substances cyanide.

It is precisely because of this, for industrial wastewater treatment on the general process conditions, when the wastewater pH value is greater than 11, there is cyanide concentration higher than 100mg / L when the best is to be controlled at pH = 12 ~ 13. In this case, in terms of its response, in fact, that is, can be completed in 10 ~ 15min, the actual use of the time is 20 ~ 30min.

However, the drawbacks of such industrial wastewater treatment methods also require us to pay attention, although the toxicity of hydroxide is relatively low, only one thousandths of cyanide. However, in terms of its generation of cyanate ions, we actually have to pay attention to it is easier to hydrolyze into ammonia. It is precisely because of this, for this type of wastewater treatment, in fact, it should be to make hypochlorous acid to further oxidation of cyanide ions into nitrogen and carbon dioxide, to eliminate cyanide pollution of the environment, but also It is possible to further oxidize the residual cyanogen chloride.

Industrial wastewater treatment using chemical oxidation, in its further oxidation of cyanate when the pH value for its control is actually very important. In this way the industrial wastewater treatment, when its pH is greater than 12, the reaction will stop, when its pH is less than 7.5 ~ 8.0, we can choose to use sulfuric acid to adjust the pH value, in the In the course of the reaction, we are actually able to carry out the appropriate mixing, in order to achieve the purpose of accelerating the complete progress.

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