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Industrial wastewater treatment related equipment needs to know after operation

Jan 24, 2019

After the installation of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, it is necessary to manage and monitor it. Check the equipment lubricants in the industrial wastewater treatment station once a day. If there is sedimentation, turbidity or low oil level, change and add it in time. Check that the equipment is working properly every day.


Clean and adjust the industrial wastewater treatment equipment every morning to ensure that the impurities in the equipment are not full, and sample the clear water pool every day. If there is any abnormality, report it to the supervisor. Check the mud and aeration conditions of each pool once a week, find out the problems in time, and record the equipment operation.


According to the actual situation of the equipment, cooperate with the maintenance unit to clean the pool at least once every six months, check the internal conditions of the equipment, and if it is damaged, deal with it in time. In the process of industrial wastewater treatment, the disinfectant should be stored and placed. According to the actual situation, a proper amount of disinfectant should be put into the clear water pool every week, and the amount of disinfectant should be recorded.


There is also cleaning work on other related equipment for industrial wastewater treatment, keeping the equipment room, pipes and equipment clean, and not allowing random unloading of various unrelated items. Sewage sampling is carried out in the second half of each month, and sent to the inspection station for inspection. Industrial sewage treatment under normal circumstances, the detection items are pH value, NH3-N, CODcr.