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Inspection and precautions for decanter centrifuge

Apr 26, 2019

(1) The inspection site should be kept clean and free from dust, especially when replacing bearings and oil seals.


(2) When multiple centrifuges are being repaired at the same time, the components of the centrifuge can not be used interchangeably, and can not be used instead, so as to avoid problems.


(3) When assembling the sealing ring, grease should be applied for lubrication, and the screw should be tightened with a wrench.


(4) The disassembly and assembly of the centrifuge should be carried out using special tools.


(5) When not used for a long time, there should be no material in the centrifuge, and it should be lubricated regularly to prevent rust.


All work should be performed in accordance with the operating specifications and safe operating requirements. The removed parts should be kept clean, not contaminated, damaged or damaged. Parts that need to be replaced are best provided by the original manufacturer, so as to avoid problems.