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Introduction of decanter for drilling mud operation characteristics

Oct 18, 2018

The decanter has good effect when used for drilling mud, and has the advantages of uniform water velocity, no sludge residue in the water tank, stable and no fluctuation of the water surface, no noise of the main body, and the water can be automatically reversed. The main body of the device adopts three-point rotary support, and each component is compact and can keep running smoothly for a long time.


From the structural analysis, the floater part of the decanter used in the drilling mud equipment adopts a floating design, so that the slag surface of the float can be kept level with the water level according to the constant change of the water level in the pool, and the ideal effect of slag blocking is achieved. The power of the equipment is to use the cycloidal pinwheel reducer to drive the lead screw for uniform linear motion. When the equipment is running, it can ensure that the water tank continuously and evenly damps.


In addition, the decanter is used in the underwater rotating part of the drilling mud equipment to have a good sealing device, which can ensure the long-term operation of the rotating part of the decanter without leaking water. The mechanical transmission part adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer to effectively ensure the stability of the drowning speed and provide sufficient thrust. The electric push rod is internally equipped with multi-level protection, which can ensure long-term operation of the equipment without damage.