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Introduction of main structural features of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge

Dec 10, 2018

The horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge is a device for separating the suspension by the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. The user's use requirements are different, and different types of equipment can be selected. In the structure of the rotor, it is divided into parallel flow, countercurrent, composite spiral, two-way extrusion, etc. In the application, there are concentrated, dehydrated, grading, concentrated dehydration and other models, so it can be widely applied to chemical, construction, mining, municipal , light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and many other industries.


The main structural features of the horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge are as follows:


For the key components of the equipment, such as drums, special high-quality stainless steel materials are used;

The conveying screw adopts special anti-wear measures, and can spray weld the hard alloy protective layer or the embedded hard alloy resistant sheet;

In the design, the structure of the large aspect ratio and high rotation speed is adopted, and the drum cone structure of various angles is adopted;

The user can select the cycloidal pinwheel, planetary gear or hydraulic differential with heavy load and large transmission ratio according to the actual situation;

At the same time, the horizontal screw discharge centrifuge is also equipped with a microcomputer control system with differential speed and torque that can be automatically adjusted with material concentration and flow rate changes.