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Juice centrifuge type and operating instructions

Jun 05, 2018

Currently in the market, there are various juice centrifuges with different structures and different functions. Therefore, users can choose according to their own needs. To facilitate differentiation, we can classify them in different ways. For example, according to the principle of separation, we can divide them into laboratory juice centrifuges, disc juice centrifuges, and decanters centrifuges.


If it is from the structure of the classification, then can be divided into two types of desktop and vertical structure, the latter can also be called floor type juice centrifuge. In addition, the capacity of different centrifuges is also different, can be divided into micro-centrifuges, small-capacity centrifuges and large-capacity centrifuges. According to the scale of processing, it mainly includes three types: micro, small and large.


In addition, in the course of its operation, there is a difference in the control of the temperature. According to this, it can be divided into a refrigerated centrifuge and a normal-temperature centrifuge. At the same time, according to the centrifugation method, it mainly includes production type, preparative type, and analytical type. It can also be divided according to speed, this time is mainly divided into low-speed centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges and ultra-high-speed centrifuges.


The low-speed juice centrifuge mainly refers to a centrifuge whose rotational speed is within 10,000 rpm. The speed of the high-speed centrifuge is between 10,000 and 25,000 rpm; the speed of the ultra-high-speed centrifuge is above 25,000 rpm.


In fact, in order to further improve the performance of juice centrifuges, design improvements have been made. Among them, the distributor of the distributor is specially designed for laminar flow, which can guide the material to smoothly pass through the spiral feeding port, so that the material flow rate changes smoothly, turbulence is reduced, and the acceleration efficiency is improved. The spiral feed port has added anti-corrosion design, sub-type feeding, the inlet set can replace the wear-resistant ceramic.


When operating the juice centrifuge, we can choose different procedures according to different production requirements. When it is necessary to modify and adjust the set parameters, use the page up/down keys to select “Program Settings”, use the + or - key to adjust them to the desired program group, and call the corresponding program group.