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Juice extraction process and quality requirements of juice centrifuge

Jul 13, 2018

In the process of operation, the juice centrifuge is mainly sent to the grinder through its conveyor belt for grinding. To some extent, the conveyor belt can be washed with water, so that the ground vegetable puree can be separated into liquid juice and solid fruit. Mud mixture.


When the juice centrifuge is running, its solid-liquid mixture is sent to the vibrating screen for screening. Generally, the separated liquid phase will be sent for enzymatic treatment, and the treated liquid portion will be sent to the centrifuge for separation. Get juice or vegetable juice. The process also involves many other processes and processes to meet the hygiene standards and quality requirements of the beverage manufacturing industry.


The juice extracting process of the juice centrifuge optimizes the yield of juice and vegetable juice to a certain extent by the maximum speed limit. Reduces the amount of solids that can be precipitated, increases juice production, and creates more profit for producers. Reliable mechanical properties, less maintenance and operating costs, and optimized juice and vegetable juice clarity.