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Laboratory centrifuge safe operation guidelines

Mar 07, 2020

Laboratory centrifuges require safe operation in strict compliance with the following safety rules
1: Sample loading requires strict weight balance. Unbalanced loading will cause abnormal motor sensation, and even cause the motor shaft to distort and break, resulting in serious accidents. Xiangli Instruments reminds users that it is preferred to use an even number of sample loads. When there is only one sample to be centrifuged, a balance tube needs to be added to balance the weight. The sample tube needs to be centered and balanced to ensure that the center of gravity of the rotating system is located on the motor axis.

2: Laboratory centrifuges for medical clinical examinations and biochemical discussions, need to pay attention to biosafety risks. The centrifuge is very prone to aerosol during the high-speed rotation and sedimentation of the sample. Therefore, for samples with biosafety risks, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the rotor body, to ensure that the centrifuge container is not damaged, and that there is no sticking residue around the container after the sample is loaded Materials, once sample overflow occurs, it should be properly handled in accordance with laboratory safety procedures.

3: Prevent mechanical risks that may be caused by high-speed rotation of the centrifuge. The laboratory centrifuge uses the high-speed rotation of the rotor body to generate relative centrifugal force to achieve purification and separation of sample components. High-speed rotation also means the need to prevent mechanical risks, and the need for special emphasis on operational safety. Xiangli Instruments reminds laboratory centrifuge users to pay attention to the following Security taboo

Stop using conventional centrifuges to separate flammable and explosive samples; stop using cracked or out-of-service rotors; stop overspeed operations with a density exceeding 1.2g / cm3 and lower the speed limit; stop moving centrifuges that are working.